Ironman  4×4 bullbars are the smarter, stronger & safer option. They are Winch compatible with hi-lift jack points. Check out our displays in store!


Ironman 4×4 12volt winches are one of the most effective and useful tools that you can have fitted to your 4×4. The winches can pull your 4×4 out of any sticky situation, up a hill, out of a bog or just stabilize the car through a gnarly track. Over the significant amount of years Ironman 4×4 has spent time improving the range of winches

Roof Racks

Roof Racks to suit almost every 4WD on the market, roof racks are an essential item for your 4×4 and we got you covered. They can be used for everything from storing big and bulky items to collecting firewood at the end of a big day. Ironman 4×4 has a full range of steel and alloy roof racks available.

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