1060mm Radome Antenna (6.6dBi Gain) – Black – AE4702B


The AE470x series is an adaptable UHF CB antenna system with a range of spring bases and user-interchangeable whips.


This allows you to quickly and easily switch between whips to suit the operating conditions and application.


The AE470x series includes a range of shorter length whips with lower gain for mountainous terrain or built-up areas, and longer length whips with higher gain for travelling on open roads or flat terrain.


The AE4702B is a popular choice for 4WDs and touring vehicles.

Key Features

  • Black Fibreglass Radome
  • Medium Duty Spring Base
  • Interchangeable Whip
  • Ground Independent Design
  • Pre-terminated FME Connector
  • 6.6 dBi Gain
  • Length: 1060mm

In the box

  • 6.6dBi Antenna Whip (AW4702B)
  • Medium Duty Spring Base (AS002B)
  • 4.5m Lead Assembly (ABL004)
  • FME -> PL259 Adaptor (AD503)
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